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Jackson Hole, Wyoming  |  22  |  insta  |  video

CREATIVE FIELD: Pro skiier / Cinematographer

CREATIVE SPACE: Personal space in APT or Stept Studios

WEST COAST STORY: My name is Aiden Ulrich, i’m an ex-pro Skier turned Cinematographer. I grew up skiing and filming in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, until I sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury (bleeding in my cerebellum from a ski accident) It took me a couple years to fully recover, and I had to give up skiing as a whole. During that period of time all I had was shooting films and stills as a creative and therapeutic outlet. Cinematography saved my life and now that’s what i’ve dedicated it to. I moved to LA to learn more and become the best artist I can be, and collaborate with likeminded souls. All while using film as a medium for positive change and a platform for those whose stories deserve to be heard. 



Charlotte, NC  |  22  |  insta  |  link

CREATIVE FIELD: Pro Wakeboarder turned Photographer/Videographer/Entrepenuer


WEST COAST STORY: Hey my name is Arnie Watkins I am from Charlotte North Carolina and I am an ex-professional wake boarder. I moved to California shortly after graduating high school to pursue photography and videography and to just switch it up from being on the East Coast my whole life. I love to adventure and California has a ton of beautiful landscapes and different places to see. I wanted to come to California to continue to improve and expand my photography as well as meet like-minded creative‘s.


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