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BIO: Originally from Music City (Nashville, TN)- I grew up with a natural ear for sounds and rhythm. I heard it nonstop! On the streets, at the city parks, in my neighborhood, on the tv shows... it would've been impossible for me to not hear some sort of syncopated rhythm happening somewhere in the city. Beatboxing at the YMCA Aftercare with friends, and making beats on my mom's dinosaur-like desktop computer eventually evolved into recording my friends on my brand new HP laptop and Ableton Live 9 recording software I got for Christmas.
I set my sights on becoming an audio engineer, and haven't looked back since.

At 13, I had already recorded my first project. I was emailing music venues and blogs feverishly to get my first EP a press placement. Due to my age, none of the platforms seemed to take me seriously. So, I started a punk band and performed in basements and low-mid capacity venues around Nashville. After locals caught wind of how wild our shows tended to be (moshpits, stage dives, I crowdsurfed at every single show) our popularity began to ramp up expeditiously! We were playing shows every weekend, and began to attract attention from trusted local blogs like the Nashville Scene!

However, in my Sophomore year of high school, I was pulled and fully submerged in the theatre world by an old teacher. She "forced" me to do Hairspray as my first musical... and to this day, I cannot thank her more!

After finishing a year studying Physical Theatre, Clown, Movement, and Mask Work at Accademia Dell'Arte (Arezzo, Italy), and graduating from Coastal Carolina University (Myrtle Beach, SC) this past May with a BFA in Physical Theatre; I now live between Brooklyn, NY and Savannah, GA!
Where I work as a full-time Audio Engineer and Music Producer at 2 separate studios (Corner Store Studios, NYC and Euphoria Sound Studios, SAV) and an actor.




BIO: I am Brianna Abruzzo. I am from New York but currently reside in Nashville, TN. I am creative through and through but mostly I am a performer. Acting, dancing, and singing are my passions and on the side I have a love of all things interior design, knitting (I have a chunky blanket business) and photography. I use my space for just about everything, filming acting and dancing auditions, editing photos and videos, filming parody videos for tiktok, cooking, entertaining, recording music and more. I have been in a few Broadway musicals including Anastasia, and An American in Paris, and you can see me in the new West Side Story movie directed by Steven Spielberg



BIO: My name is Bryson White and I am a singer/songwriter, musician, real estate agent, actor, and personal trainer. As you can imagine, I keep myself quite busy; however, I feel very fortunate that I am able to make a living predominantly from my creative endeavors like music and have full control over my schedule, as I am my own boss. I play live shows every single week in my home city of Atlanta and I have my original music available to listen to anywhere you can stream music. My personal favorite songs of mine are "Get the Hell Out of This Place", "Make You Fall (In Love)", and "Maybe I'm Wrong" (a few of which I recorded in my home studio featured in the video). When I am not playing or recording music, showing homes, auditioning, or training people, I spend my free time reading (typically books related to psychology and biology) and hanging out with my fiancee' (June 10th she'll be my wife!). Between all my jobs and planning a wedding, technology is clearly a necessity in my life!




BIO: My name is Destinee Monét and I am located in Nashville, TN. I initially moved here from Georgia to attend Vanderbilt University where I studied neuroscience. However, I quickly developed a passion for the arts through the exposure I received in fun elective courses like drawing, painting and acting! Because of this, I canceled my plans to attend medical school and am now pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. Every day after I clock out of my job in the healthcare industry, you can find me on set either directing, acting or producing. And if I'm not there, I'm probably at home in my fun creative space drawing portraits, painting canvases, or writing scripts! To fuel my creativity, I constantly look for opportunities to go on adventures and try new things! This year, some of my new adventures have included learning how to roller skate, practicing hot yoga, and actively looking for a toy poodle to bring home!




BIO: Emilia McCann is a ceramic artist / studio manager in Nashville, TN. What started as a small hobby to help cope with the stress of working in the drug and alcohol treatment industry, became a creative obsession. Emilia went from working on custom orders on her kitchen table for 8 hours a night (after working long days), to walking into a full blown career in ceramic arts. She and her studio pup, Yuma, love bringing the community together by giving people the tools to tap into their own creativity, while bringing intentionality and meaning to every day items, one piece at a time.




BIO: My name is Jared Harrison and I graduated from the University of North Texas with a kinesiology degree. I own and operate Steadfast Fitness and Performance where we work towards total wellness (physical, mental, and spiritual). We combine a high energy atmosphere with a support system that helps families get healthier.




BIO: My name is LaTrell Brennan. I am a personal trainer, autodidact and creative. I love reading self-development and personal growth books; and I've used this to help me develop better writing habits by using my favorite quotes or interesting ideas as writing prompts. I have a general passion for learning and creating and as a result, I have explored several artistic mediums including digital and film photography, watercolor painting, and hand-lettering.




BIO: I am a country/pop singer/songwriter and actress from Murray, Kentucky. I grew up in a family of music lovers, so my musical stylings pay homage to many of the early icons of country music, blues and classic rock. My work is the singer song writer
I moved to Nashville at 19, and quickly acclimated to a life in Music City as a songwriter and performer. My smooth, bluesy vocals and song writing have won me numerous invitations to perform throughout Nashville and beyond!




BIO: I just moved to Atlanta less than 2 weeks ago. I have permission from my landlord to shoot at my place. I am an actress but that is only about 10% of my life. Outside of that, I have lots of interests like creative directing, getting in nature, reading, spending time with friends and family. I fill my life up with many things I enjoy to feel fulfilled. I will be in Texas 21st-22nd but can come earlier for location scouts.




BIO: Seth Dunlap is an American actor. He began his pursuit in the film industry as a trusted Director of Photography. Through his reliability and talent, he quickly built a community of creative collaborators that he continues to work with today. He has DP’d and acted in several short films that have premiered in festivals across the globe, some still awaiting their premier dates. These film festivals include Festival De Cannes, Nashville Film Festival, Garden State Film Festival, Orlando Film Festival, Boston and Gasparilla International Film Festival.

Beginning in the Fall of 2018, Seth pursued his acting education in drama and improv at The 4th Wall Acting Studio. Over the past four years he has been able to build an impressive portfolio with support from the Avenue Agency. He currently studies improv with Radical Tenderness, a more holistic approach to acting and writing. He was awarded “Best Actor” at the 4th Wall Film Challenge and the Nashville 48-hour Film Festival. Seth’s hard work continues to pay off, especially when he was chosen as the lead to Miles From Nowhere, his debut role in a feature film.




BIO: Hello, my name is Stephen McIntosh and I am a family man who carries a “why not me” mentality, which drives me to do the best that I can in all that I do. This mentality keeps me calm in the moments where I need to perform or am under pressure. However, I avoid a lot of pressure by having a career that I enjoy. I am the Social Selling Admin for Siemens Digital Industries for North and South America. I teach reps how to conduct business through Social Media. That is everything from how someone sets their profile up, content creation, engaging prospects through messaging or commenting directly on prospect’s posts. My focus is primarily with LinkedIn since it has been deemed the professional social place. Specifically, I create content for our reps to leverage in their efforts in social Selling. It is my choice on this content so I create a wide variety of content from live presentations, training decks, posts and PDFs for example. Though I am behind the scene I really enjoy seeing the impact I indirectly cause by helping the reps leverage social selling.




BIO: I’m an artist at heart, but I also have a strong business esthetic. I am a real estate agent and administrative professional from home by day, but my try passion is writing and the arts so my home and day to day life are submerged in my creativity. I specialize in assisting first time home buyers, which makes me very hands on, and I love love helping people through the process. My script writing and and communications background make it a pretty smooth transition. I am a business woman by day, and an artist by night, so my space changes often. I’m really into design and home decor as well as fashion, so my office /home space gets things added and taken away on a regular basis. I love giving back donating food and needed items to the homeless in the area as you’ll see on a few of my Instagram videos so this also is a passion of mine and I’m blessed to be be able to use some of the proceeds of my work and business to give back.




BIO: Yadin is an Israeli-American photographer, actor, writer, musician and teacher.
Check out his portfolio at

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