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BIO: My name is Alexa Lipman. I'm a realtor and visual artist in Nashville, TN. I'm a native Nashville with a father who is a broker/owner. I love the entertainment industry and used to live in LA. Here is my artist bio: Michael Alexandra aka Alexa Lipman is a visual artist based in Nashville, TN. She creates abstract art utilizing mixed media often incorporating recycled & unlikely materials. Her first artist series was titled An Experimental Variety due to her enjoyment of seeing various elements come to life. A lover of fashion & interior design, her art often reflects texture + dimension. She believes people are not one dimensional beings thus neither is her art. Some of her art is currently at Prima Signa Gallery. Connect with Alexa for commission availability & completed work.




BIO: Hello! My name is Anna Lines. I am a native to Nashville, TN. I am an actress, creative, true artist at heart, activist, animal lover, and outdoor enthusiast. I love to stay creative by doing photography, painting, and interior design. I also play a little bit of guitar and can sing. My background is in Art History and Studio Art. In the past I have done Wardrobe and Art Direction for various productions. I also do a bit of editing for my auditions as well as creating my own acting reels and acting reels for other actors.  
My other hobbies include playing sports like Tennis and Basketball and riding my bike as well as hiking and taking my dog for long walks. I love to be by the water, go to the lake and kayak, go to the pool or the beach if it’s nearby. Just being in nature in general is something very important to me as well as staying active and physically fit. I also love to cook and bake and hang out with my friends when we all have some spare time. And last but not least I do love to just sit and watch my favorite TV shows and movies. 



BIO: Christina Miralla resides in Dallas and hails from New York by way of Florida. She’s called Texas home for eight years now. She received her undergraduate degree in corporate communications from the University of South Florida and her master’s degree in journalism from the University of North Texas.

Her passion for storytelling led her to the newsroom where she worked as a digital journalist for four years. She transitioned to a career in digital marketing and developed campaigns for clients and international brands including Samsung, Texas Instruments, STA Travel and PetSmart. She currently works as a senior digital marketing manager and continues to fulfill her passion for storytelling as a freelance writer.

When she’s not working, you can find Christina spending time with her two rescue pups and her partner of 13 years; also traveling to new places, embracing new fitness routines and training for her first triathlon.




BIO: Collin Hauser is a singer songwriter who blends folk, blues, jazz and pop with skillful guitar textures and a truly unique voice. He has toured with artists like Cas Haley and was nominated for two Grammy Awards for his performance in the UNT One O’clock Lab Band. Collin owns a photography company, Hauser Photography (, with his wife Tennessee Hauser. He is a model and actor represented by The Dragonfly Agency in Dallas, TX




BIO: My name is Courtney Lashaun, a lot of people just call me Court or even "C". Originally from Alabama, but raised on the east coast. I lived in San Antonio TX during high school and after. I attended LSU- Shreveport before returning back to San Antonio. Now located in Dallas Texas. I am also a student, I come from more than a few people who are continually pursuing education, I feel I will be the same way, currently pursuing my Bachelor's degree. I started modeling when I was about 6 and took a break I got about 10/11. I started to get more into theater and acting and picked up modeling again later own and continue on with the two. 
I do love to travel and get to do so, with my Mother living in Germany, sister in Italy and other family members in Georgia. One thing I look forward to doing is taking a year off and going on a world cruise with my family but not for at a while. 




BIO: HI I’m Danny Valdes and I’m an actor, a host, a writer, an entrepreneur and a content creator. About 5 years ago I was a miserable construction worker and had to re-invent into someone who was capable of pursuing a work that was in line with my natural talents. Hoping I’m a great fit for your project! 




BIO: I’m Elisabeth and I’m an insanely creative and fun multicreative and digital creator in Nashville- I think I bring SO MUCH life, creativity, uniqueness and FUN to this project- whether it’s sewing, photography, comedy, film creation or writing- I do it ALL and have a blast doing it 




BIO: After graduating college at 19, I got my first job with an international glass manufacturer. I currently manage the marketing department for North and Central America. For this role, I am commonly using technology to create visual media for social media platforms and ads. Additionally, I take part in data analysis to determine my organization’s sales, inventory and market environment. I am driven, with a passion for people and continuous learning. On the weekends, I am commonly traveling or getting creative in some way. I have a passion for art, specifically paintings, and the stock market.




BIO: Ivy was born in Nashville, TN and throughout her life she would often get in trouble for "doodling" in class but she didn't stop. She sold original graphic art t-shirts in high school, getting over 80 orders in a week. After 4 years of NYC living and returning to Nashville, Ivy Lord Art was born. She sells paintings, rhinestone embellished prints and her newest venture, thrifted painted clothing. 




BIO: joel is a grammy-nominated songwriter, certified meditation teacher, and life coach. He inspires others through his daily “live streams” on TikTok to reconnect to their essence. His musical presence creates a safe space for collective grounding, healing, and transformation.

In 2015, joel started practicing transcendental meditations from “Effortless Mastery” by Kenny Werner. The idea that our creative process should be as effortless as breathing transformed him entirely. Within 3 months of this practice, things began to change and Joel’s music was reaching hundreds of thousands of people. Not long after that a friend dreamt that Joel was working with India.Arie and 3 days later India discovered joel on Instagram. She was intrigued by his song, “Candlelight” and invited him to collaborate. Since then, they’ve collaborated on several projects, SongVersation: Medicine, which was Grammy Nominated for best new age album, Worthy and later they re-recorded Candlelight as a duet.

In 2020, joel changed his artist name to asoulcalledjoel and released an instrumental 
EP called “Ground”, music for meditation and grounding. He was also awarded the India.Arie Scholarship to davidji’s, “Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher Training” and became a certified meditation teacher. 

In the fall of 2020, joel created a meditative journaling practice called the
R.I.S.E. Journal. R.I.S.E. stands for Release, Inquire, Self-Awareness, Empower. This practice is designed to get practitioners out of their heads and into their hearts.

In 2022, joel plans to release a new album, “Love and Liberation” and tour the U.S. playing intimate house shows in outdoor spaces.




BIO: My name is John Calado, I'm a 27 year old living in Jackson,TN with my husband and pup! 
I love to Thrift a few old pieces of furniture a couple times a week and flipping it. 
Knowing I can take a piece of furniture that someone would walk past or even throw away and giving it a second chance at life, is such a fulfilling feeling. I use my laptop almost 24/7 to blast music and dance around my house covered in paint splatter. 
At the end of each job, I use my laptop to upload photos of the pieces I've worked on and edit the lighting to create my listing for it to be sold online and ready for pickup! I live a pretty happy life style in my beautiful home where it displays all of my thrifting treasures!  
After a long day I like to on YouTube and play the cooking channel while I'm making us an awesome home cooked meal.
The reason I believe I should be picked for this is pretty simple! you want an authentic person? well I'm just the right guy for you. If I'm chosen for this opportunity you might just learn something new from my world.




BIO: Juliuss Rapier is a Mental Health Advocate, YouTuber, Actor, and Model based in Atlanta, Georgia. While attending college at Wake Forest University, Juliuss launched a YouTube channel (YouTube/DonJuliusss) for mental health awareness, which came shortly after he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. which has since been his way of blending his socio-political passions with his artistic aspirations. Officially joining YouTube’s Partner Program (YPP) as video creator in 2018, Juliuss has since generated over 370,000 views and has cultivated an online community from around the world where people share and discuss their personal experiences living with severe mental illness. In 2020 and again in 2021, YouTube/DonJuliusss was ranked #8 on’s list for “the best Bipolar Disorder youtube channels from thousands of youtubers on the web [determined] by subscribers, views, video counts and freshness”. In that same light, Choosing Therapy (a mental health collaborative for licensed professionals) named Juliuss’ channel as one of their “15 Best Bipolar Disorder YouTube Channels” to watch in 2021. Beyond raising awareness about bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses online, Juliuss has also been invited by colleges, universities, health conferences, and media organizations to speak on his journey living with bipolar disorder. With no plans of leaving Atlanta anytime soon, Juliuss is looking forward to maturing his career in acting and modeling while also continuing his advocacy for mental health and illness as a content creative online.




BIO: With over 10 years of experience in the Entertainment and Service Industries, I’ve been able to help other actors, artists, and creative clients find homes in residential and luxury Real Estate in the Atlanta market. I now get the honor to join forces with Intown Collective as part of their Film and Entertainment Division. As an Actor and Realtor, I love helping clients relocate to the Atlanta area for the TV/Film Industry of the South and I’m passionate about supporting the Atlanta creative community. I believe that everyone is an artist or creative and your life is your masterpiece. I’m here to help make your work of art come to life and make your home-finding adventure feel like an exciting and epic, feel-good romantic comedy, not a dramatic horror film. It's always showtime!




BIO: Lauren Molina was born in Houston, Texas. At the age of 9 she started taking dance classes and then went on to study with numerous choreographers such as Joey Dowling, Jackie Sleight, Joe Loera, and Tina Caspery. While continuing to learn all types of forms of dance at different workshops around the US, she found herself in NYC where she took her first acting class. After falling in love with the city and with acting, she decided to move to New York City permanently at the age of 16 where she homeschooled herself and continued to take more acting classes. She then went to intern and study acting at THE STUDIO, ran by acting coach Brad Calcaterra. In addition, she also interned with casting director Susan Shopmaker and Randi Glass. She has been in several feature films and has also taught teen acting workshops in Austin, Texas. She now resides in both Atlanta, Ga and Austin, Tx.




BIO: My name is Lindsay Dawn Gallagher. I am an Austin-based graphic designer and artist with strong interests in branding & visual identities, typography, and art direction. I try to live thoughtfully and care a lot about the issues surrounding our planet and would like my work to be an extension of these passions.

In addition to design, I enjoy modeling, collecting vintage items, and listening to French psychedelic punk-rock.




BIO: Michael DiJuan McNeil was born in Lancaster, Pa and raised in Beaufort, SC. He is a graduate of Battery Creek High School and Academy of Career Excellence where he received his state cosmetology license. Michael worked as a hairstylist for 3 years and a nail tech for 15 years. Always having a drive for business, Michael opened a residential and commercial cleaning company and maintained it for seven years. After realizing cleaning wasn’t his passion, Michael started to pursue acting.

In 2017 Michael began studying the craft and business of acting in Atlanta and now New York. He traveled from South Carolina to Atlanta and New York once a month for an entire year. Attending classes, workshops and auditions. Michael signed with his first agent in Atlanta and shortly after in New York. His most notable film roles include a sarcastic college kid in “Dungeons and Kraken”, a very confrontational brother in “ Separated At Birth” , a scared janitor in “ The Quonset” and his very own film he wrote and produced “ High Maintenance”. 

In 2020 Michael took interest in organic hair products. While still in New York he started doing research on the natural skin and hair industry. Returning home due to COVID 19, it was the perfect opportunity to focus on that. Shortly after the national shutdown Insentials By DiJano was born. Michael now provides organic skin products such as soaps and oils, candles and Seamoss. During this time Michael managed to book an Off Broadway in NY called Life Insurance, a short film in Savannah, Ga , an immersive theater project called Savannah Underground also in Savannah , Ga and recently booked Dinner Detective in Pooler, Ga.




BIO: Hi, I'm Priya, and I'm a creative! By day I work as a freelance social media manager for small businesses. I love getting to partner with passionate entrepreneurs and small business owners to create content that brings out the best of their brand or product. My personal creative outlets include where I blog about personal style, beauty, and travel, and more recently, I began creating beauty vlogs on YouTube! This is a new hobby I started with extra time over Covid. I absolutely love makeup and beauty products, so this is the perfect spot for me to try new products, experiment with make-up looks, and talk forever about all things beauty to whoever will listen. In my free time, I love being active, spending time outside, and snuggling with my two dogs, Ginny and Piper (a chihuahua and a Pitbull. They are quite the pair and I am obsessed with them!)




BIO: My name is Rachel Neiswanger a creative 
Living in Nashville, TN 
I am currently working in the hospitality industry as well, wardrobe for film & TV, & writing for film & TV. I have a deep passion for food, travel, music, & styling! I hope my passions continue to push me & help me thrive throughout life & through all these industries. 
My goal is to share my heart, passion, talent & goals to further these endeavors & learn from my peers & mentors along the way too. 




BIO: Short bio- Samuel Levine is the CEO of Octive holding company. Octive was originally started when Samuel was 15 years old as a marketing firm that developed websites, branding material and marketing plans for local businesses and artists in Nashville, TN. Then was turned into a holding company that creates and sells businesses. Samuel also wrote a self-help/business book at 16 years old and became the youngest self-help/business author in the world. Samuel is about to graduate from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David in London with his MBA at 20 years old. Samuel not only speaks to business professionals around the world but also does corporate commercials for companies like Audi, Old Spice, Febreeze, FedEx and many other large organizations. Samuel is currently working on a fin-tech startup that he hopes to take public in the coming years. 




BIO: Sydney Johnson is a multifaceted young professional in the marketing, modeling, and influencer world. Located in Nashville, she is an avid storyteller for brands on a national level. 

Within her main role as a marketing manager for a staffing and recruiting company based out of Nashville, her emphasis is on digital marketing which includes writing blogs, video marketing production, and spearheading advertising campaigns. When she joined the company, their marketing department was primarily focused on brand awareness in the market through sponsorships and word-of-mouth marketing. Since she’s been there, they have completely expanded their marketing initiatives. Video production, digital ads, SEO, e-mail marketing, you name it! They’ve gotten very strategic in their campaigns and she’s been a huge contributor to that. 

Outside of work, you can find her traveling around the nation, attending football games, practicing yoga, and eating at all the hot restaurants around town.




BIO: I am an Actor/Model, Singer-Songwriter, Mentor, and USPS Employee! I have always loved being a creative and expressing myself through my work. I also love clothes and shoes, which is why I will be starting my own clothing brand this year as well. Anything is possible with: hardwork, dedication, and today's technology! 

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