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BIO: My name is Anthony sanchez I’m 33 years old, after a motorcycle accident left me paralyzed and depressed I decided to take life by the horns and show that there is life after a traumatic injury and inspire and motivate others along the way!




BIO: Retail brought Bentley Caldwell to Nashville from Kentucky, and since that time, he’s been a singer-songwriter and model traveling the world before combining all he learned to found Bentley Caldwell Styling. When a friend asked for advice on how to dress for a photo shoot, the bells went off. Now, he works exclusively with men and helps them uncover their personal style, take the guesswork out of shopping and access the confidence to elevate their lives and businesses to the next level.




BIO: "Cesar Perez is a first generation immigrant who always followed his dreams. His goal in life has always been to help others reach their true potential. He is proof that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and work hard. His passion for storytelling is evident in all his work. Whether it is through audio, video, graphics or any combination of these things Cesar always strives to tell a story in the best way possible."




BIO: COLE KIKER is a Georgia/Alabama-based actor, writer, and comedian. He has been performing since he was ten years old, and professionally performing since he was 17. He recently graduated from Columbus State University with an Associate's in Communications and is currently represented by MI Talent Atlanta. He has been very active in Columbus State's theatre department, having performed in Wiley and the Hairy Man (Dog), Children of Eden, Crazy Eights (Benny), and Am I Blue (The Bum). He also appeared in the Muddy Water Theatre Project's revamp of R+J Theory (Paris) after having performed in the world premiere the year before, and has made several appearances on the stage of the Springer Opera House in Grease, The Little Mermaid, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (Vardan), The Who's Tommy, and Beauty and the Beast. When he's not performing, he works as a bartender for a dog park and is also a playwright. 




BIO: My name is Cornelius Andrews. I’m based in Stockbridge, GA where I was born a raised. A military veteran, I served 7 years in the United States Army & National Guard Reserve overseas in Kuwait & Germany as well as Texas. I’m a weapons specialist and black belt in (style) karate. I’ve been acting for 4 years along with producing stunt choreography. Currently I’m a film student at Atlanta Institute. Fight choreography, stuntman I write fight scenes. 




BIO: Hope you’re having a great day so far! My name is Dallas Boudreaux and I am a multi-hyphenate in the creative space. I currently reside in Nashville, Tennessee with my lovely partner and our pets. I am an actor, singer, artist, and activist. I just recently opened an Etsy shop for my designs and crochet work—I create cute, cheeky designs that are handmade with love! What I’ve been creating lately are greeting cards, posters, prints, and stickers. When I’m not working on my many passions/hobbies, I work part-time as a receptionist for a local spa, and I spend other free time hiking, kayaking (when it’s warm of course), working out, catching up on my shows, cooking, and looking for cool new events to go to. I love supporting other local businesses and take any chance I can to create and collaborate with other artists!




BIO: My name is Ibukun Omotowa! I'm a writer, actor, and project manager based in Atlanta, GA. I am very passionate about leveraging film and other creative platforms to highlight perspectives of marginalized communities and to galvanize the reimagination of the status quo. 

My journey started in Idaho Falls, ID where I grew up. Working on the potato farms with undocumented immigrants in the summers to support family finances was an experience that introduced me to how many narratives go unheard. As a child of Nigerian immigrants, an added layer of complexity applied when I engaged in any kind of social discourse. Often, I was tasked with explaining multiple elements of intersectionality when engaging others – even before I had the language. It is perhaps, when I read Roots as a young adult, that my commitment to the reimagination of the status quo truly materialized.  

My exploits have taken me in many different directions, and as a multifaceted individual, a question that used to give me trouble was “where can I best direct my energy to make the most impact?” From sports to the arts to corporate, I have sought ways to leverage my platform to illuminate perspectives that often go unheard. From my days as a collegiate athlete at Harvard, where I took part in organizing protests & volunteering my time mentoring at risk youth, to my days as an intern at Google setting up small, minority owned businesses with access to advertising platforms, I have tried my hand at many ways to match my conviction with action.

Today, I spend my time writing, world creating, and ideating towards larger institutional reimaginations. In my journey, I find that the most compelling reason for change in people’s hearts, is by appealing to the ethos. By conveying perspectives once viewed as alien as relatable, and important, people can begin to embark on the journey of deeper empathy. And it is with this gained empathy, that I believe change truly begins to be inspired.

It is important to mention that my time spent in the supply chain industry has given me much more exposure to the importance of leadership in change management. Grassroots impact is important but ensuring that leaders within the system are bought into change is paramount for lasting improvement. With that, I continue to actively seek ways to connect to both grassroots and leadership in my artistic exploits. 




BIO: Apologies if I rephrase everything I told you guys in the video. As I said, I am an entertainer in many forms, but above all else, I love to make people laugh. There is truly no better feeling in the world. I started creating content on Vine when I was 10 years old, and that has since evolved into TikTok. In between that long lapse where neither was available, I was creating YouTube videos. Creating content has literally been my passion for over half my life, and none of it would have been possible if smart people like you at HP hadn’t helped develop and grow it. I couldn’t edit the videos that I uploaded to my computer, that were filmed on my camera, which I only remembered because I wrote an idea in my notes… on my phone. 




BIO: Hello my name is Jayson. Johnson I am 24 years old about to be 25 in March and I am currently in doctorate chiropractic school. I started this program in 2019 when I moved to Dallas right after I graduated undergrad and received my kinesiology degree and minor in biology. I chose to do chiropractic because I am a very loving and caring person that loves to help others, so I thought why not change this into a career path. I could probably talk about Chiropractic on and on for a while, but I would like to talk more about my hobbies as well even though this is a part of my hobby since I am at the clinic most of my days throughout the week. My hobbies include playing my Xbox because I have been an Xbox fan since the very first Xbox 360 came out; of course, Call of Duty is my favorite game. Exercising is also another one of my hobbies because it is a huge stress relief for me. the second I have a buildup of stress from school or just life in general when I walk through the doors into the gym with my music blasting in my ear’s life seems to stand still and I am focusing on just me. Something I like to do on the weekends would include going out in just dancing with my friends. I feel like it is very important for someone to be able to just go and let loose every so often and for me it's just like another reset to start off the week. Also, two of the last things and most definitely not the least important in my life would be being around my dog, I have a 3-year-old lab/ rottweiler that I enjoy being around on the daily. He Is one of my best friends, and to throw in modeling of course is something I very much love to do for Work and for fun. 




BIO: My name is Jesse Santoyo. I am a Mexican American artist and storyteller. I was born and raised in Chicago but have now called Nashville home, thirteen years. I am a single father to three incredible boys and an Irish doodle.  
I always knew I would be a professional storyteller someday. I have been writing stories since I was a young boy. My first job after college was as a News Director in Chicago. It was an incredible experience, but I quickly knew this wasn’t a lifelong career but rather a training ground for what was to come.  
First and foremost, I am a filmmaker. I write and direct films. I am also a professional actor both for TV and film. Filmmaking, writing and writing songs are at my core the most important passions. My oldest son recently asked me at what age I would like to retire. I told him that I would never retire because I love what I do and will do it until I can no longer.  
I also work in technology. I am a media director for a worldwide medical tech company. I produce, edit, design and direct media for multiple areas of their business entities. I enjoy being a part of multiple teams and helping create compelling stories, promos and videos to help advance the vision of the company.  
I am also the bi-lingual video editor for a logistics company based in France and all over the country. I create training videos to help facilitate incoming trainees and communicate internally and externally for the company. Our biggest clients are Apple, Starbucks and Bed Bath and Beyond to name a few.  
Finally, I also offer independent creative services for startups, brands, entrepreneur’s and artists. As a director and cinematographer, I take their vision, brand or product and create compelling visual content to help pitch and sell their vision. 




BIO: My name is Kalo Sikalumbi, A 19 year old entertainer from Atlanta, Georgia. I was born in Zambia but I moved here when I was 2 years old. Where I’m from, people want to see you down before you even have the chance to TRY to come up. I feel like I'd be a great candidate because I’m talented in so many different ways & when I get the platform to showcase it, I’m gonna take advantage of it for sure. Honestly speaking though, anything I do, or any opportunity I get is to help the people around me elevate to the next level.




BIO: Hello! I am Krisgianna and I am a curly content creator. I share curly tips and tricks across different platforms. I am an enthusiast for natural hair. I try to encourage people to love who they are you and wear their crowns(hair) proudly! 




BIO: My name is Lateria Hope, I’m a Florida girl living in Dallas and I love technology! I am a recruiting manager that owns a lipstick line (Lateria Hope Beauty) and the purpose is to make our consumers embody being confident, sensual, and elegant.




BIO: I'm Layne and I'm a professional ballet/contemporary dancer as well as an exotic dance instructor to bachelorettes and locals in Nashville. As a professional dancer, during quarantine the entire dance world changed. All classes, auditions, and connections through companies happened virtually. Because of this, there are now so many more ways people are being exposed to dance. Not only was I able to still attend rehearsals with my company members spread across the US but it opened up the opportunity for me to both take and teach dance classes to people across the globe. Dance is one of the few art forms that has not been easily accessible or consumed much virtually until now. With the rise of Tik Tok and Zoom, so many more people are finding a love and appreciation for dance! They are able to purchase tickets to virtual shows that they would not be able to consume without the computer connecting us and professional dancers are having their art seen by so many and careers grow more because of it.




BIO: Hey everyone! I’m Leslie Cortes and I’m 25 years old! I currently live in Dallas, Texas but I was born in New York. I have been back and forth to the city - visiting family, enjoying my favorite spots, attending Stella Adler Conservatory, etc- and i know my soul belongs in New York! That’s where acting and creativity is present at every corner. It’s also where my family went after coming from Ecuador, and New York is an accepting community when it comes to other cultures, mine included. They’re loud and proud and I adore the self expression and community. It’s important to me to live surrounded by various cultures, and it’s also a great environment for my Vegan lifestyle. I’ve been vegan for about 7 years now, and it’s changed my perspective on empathy for the world in such a deeper way. I definitely have challenges when it comes to navigating this non vegan world, but it makes for a challenge that I’ll happily accept if it means I’m making even a slightest positive impact on the environment , my body, and the animals. Veganism has become so prominent in my life that it’s inspired me to combine my love of baking with this lifestyle. I love baking for family and friends , and I have become the go-to person when it comes to desserts. It shows that veganism is accessible and can be enjoyed no matter the stereotypes! I will never be one to force or shame others on their choices, and I’m grateful that I can open the door for further conscious discussions and decisions. I think our world has grown to be constructed in a way that convenience has caused so much harm, and I’m passionate about doing what i can to make a positive impact.




BIO: My name is Lily Mekeel. I work as a model, but I am also a college student getting my degree in Computer Science. I’m mixed Lakota/Hidatsa/white and have been reconnecting with my Native American culture. I’ve started several small businesses including two handmade jewelry businesses and an online vintage clothing shop. I enjoy trying new hobbies so I’m always moving from one thing to the next! I play piano, tennis, and do beadwork for fun. I enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities, but don’t mind sitting inside working on my laptop as well. Technology plays a huge part in my daily life. Each day is an opportunity for growth and self-discovery, and that my focus in life as of right now.




BIO: Marissa Kaye is an Atlanta based freelancer, content creator, and client liaison. She loves people, values having a sense of humor in the workplace, and creates content that is bold, yet relatable. She currently assists her husband as the client liaison for his real estate media company Virtual Media Tours. Her role includes social media publishing, creating appointments, client communication and retention, and putting out any and all possible fires all while making sure her marriage doesn’t crumble. Jokes aside, she wouldn’t change a thing. “It takes a certain kind of person to be a successful entrepreneur. It’s a true pleasure to experience the everyday challenges and celebrations.”

She also spends her time strategizing with small businesses and like-minded creatives. Past and current clients include Leisurely, Buckaroo Organics, and Wedding Girl Films.

Must haves to get through the work day: coffee, tea, chomps turkey jerky, instagram memes, background music, and chapstick. Oh and water is important. Right? 

Tips to stay on track: download Slack and create lists on lists on lists. 




BIO: Max previously had a career as a soloist with the Carolina ballet in Raleigh, North Carolina. Since moving to Austin, Max has been a creative in every sense of the word. Max is quite the renaissance man, he has been performing stand-up comedy and improv since 2014, as well as still teaching ballet classes and stretch classes from home.




BIO: I’m Nick Luebke and I love to create. I love to make people feel something whether it’s through music, video, acting, or all three combined. I love to create something that didn’t exist the day before. Leaving something behind that represents me in a way. Nashville Tennessee is an incredible place to do all of this, so many other creative individuals. I really love my apartment and creative space because it has all my mics, cameras, instruments, computers. Anything I could need to follow a creative spark. 




BIO: I'm Sarah Byers, an athlete, model and creative in Austin. I enjoy creating graphic designs on my computer! I print my designs and then apply them to clothing like hoodies, tank tops, shirts and tennis shoes. Some of my designs I've turned into mugs, coasters, magnets, stickers, band merch and more! Lately I've been interested in buying a scanning machine so that I can also scan my paintings and then turn them into clothes and household items like plates and cups. Without tech it wouldn't be possible for me to create my fun designs.




BIO: My name is Selome Abera. I am a third year dental student at Meharry Medical College. When I am working and studying on my school projects, I love to do it from the comfort of my home. I love to spend as much time as I can in my home since it's cozy and very cute. I love fashion and colors. That is how I express myself. Even though medical school is very consuming, I love to draw and do interior design in my spare time. I see beauty in everybody and everything. I am very friendly, easy going, and love to laugh. I love to travel and learn about different cultures and traditions from across the world. Myself being a foreigner, I believe that there is so much that Mother Earth has to offer and I believe we need to get out of our bubble, and comfort zone and explore that. I am very passionate about dental health and people’s smiles ; that’s why I am in dental school working towards my doctorate degree, to change the world one smile at a time :). 




BIO: Taylor Arenz is the Friday Lights Out Sideline Reporter and the Austin Spurs In-Game host. Taylor has a Master’s of Science in Sports Administration from Texas A&M Commerce and a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from University of Houston. Taylor loves to be involved in community activities and on Sundays, Taylor can be seen on the sidelines of the Houston Texans games in her 4th Texans and the City of Houston as the 2020 NFL Pro Bowl Cheerleader.
Taylor was born in Fort Worth but grew up moving around the United States and has lived in five different states. From a very young age Taylor became a competitive dancer and model and has traveled all over the United States dancing and modeling. 
In her free time Taylor host has her own podcast Sideline Attraction and she loves to be workout, travel and be outdoors. Taylor is an avid runner and teaches cycle and fitness classes. 




BIO: I'm an actor from India, based in the United States. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Theater from The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH).
I'm a SAG-Eligible actor who's specialized in stage combat, and certified by the Society of American Fight Directors in unarmed, knife, small sword, single sword, sword and shield, broadsword, rapier and dagger and quarterstaff stage combat. My recent credits include, appearances in TV shows, Atlanta, Cobra Kai, The First Lady and Class of '09; film work includes Fool's Gold and Hindsight Services. Commercial credits include works for Chase Bank, Starbucks, Harrah's Casino, IHG Hotels and Resorts, McKinsey Consulting, Redstone Gateway Developers, and others.




BIO: I was born in Texas but my mother is African American/Native and my father is French/Irish/Native/African. I lived all my childhood in Dallas and East TX. Now I get to travel all around the world (thanks to my work) and it's been the best experience! Being an international model has allowed me to see New York, California, Colorado, Texas Mexico, South Africa, and more to come. I also work in commercial real estate and live in Austin currently.




BIO: What a rad opportunity to show you my home and workspace! 
I’ve been a full time artist since December but have been creating logos and designing for customers for nearly 6 years.  
My bread and butter is creating logos for bachelor and bachelorette parties, baby showers, and wedding events but I also help businesses with their branding and creating cohesiveness.  
As well, I started a stationery company 3 years ago for which I create custom and ready-to-buy standard style paper goods. 
I use my iPad and MacBook every single day for work and break away in the evenings to play with watercolors, acrylic, and oil. I don’t have formal training in art but it’s been a passion since I was very young.  
Having had the opportunity to become an artist full time has been the biggest blessing of my life and I’ve exceeded all my expectations thus far. 




BIO: : Montañita (KR Vargas) is a trans masculine, mixed race Indigenous artist and consultant from the Andes in South America. His mediums include writing, music, photography, film, and fashion, and he consults on topics such as race, gender, technology, and the environment. He currently lives and works in Atlanta, GA.

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